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Five Instagrammers to Inspire Your Next Adventure

This post is a little condradictory in that I’m encouraging you to take a look at even more Instagram feeds, however, I am hoping it will inspire you to get out there and start living the kind of life you want to live. Because if these guys and girls can do it, what’s really stopping you?

Chris Burkard @chrisburkard

Chris is an award winning, California-based surf, lifestyle, landscape and travel photographer, known for his photo journalistic approach and use of natural lighting to capture stunning images. His photography is a medium through which he encourages people to consider their relationship with the Earth and promote conservation and preservation of our wild places. 

Mitch Cox @mitch.cox

Mitch is an Australian travel and lifestyle photographer famous for his documentation of his travels throughout Australia, with girlfriend Cleo (@cleocohen) in their yellow and white camper van. Mitch’s photos showcase many beautiful and remote locations around Australia, showing how diverse and unique our land can be. 

Drew Hopper @drewhopper 

Drew is an Australian travel and documentary photographer who works in both digital and 35mm formats. I first took notice of Drew’s photography when searching for photos of the New England National Park, and quickly began to appreciate his talents not only in landscape photography but in portraiture and street shooting. His series of photos from his travels through India are a highlight for me!

Holly @misshollywoodmeow

I came to follow Holly by accident, as I guess a lot of Instagram “follows” happen. Holly has driven much of Australia in her beloved Troopy, and documented our stunning desert landscape and rugged coastline. Her latest photos are quite a contrast, as she is travelling through Iceland, and to her delight finding monster Troopys and other 4×4 adventuremobiles everywhere she looks. 

Katie Goldie @goldiehawn_

Katie is a Canadian travel, landscape, adventure and lifestyle photographer who has an incredible ability to show the massive scale of the remote and wild locations she captures. Mountain ranges, snow, lakes, rivers and wild animals are commonly featured. She will inspire you to get up early, climb a mountain just to catch the sunrise. 

While it’s easy to spend hours thumb scrolling your way through your Instaram feed, in awe of the amazing landscapes, glamorous beach & resort scenes documented in front of you, nothing beats getting out there yourself and seeing what this amazing world of ours has to offer. 
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Winter Weekend Adventures

I personally love camping during the colder months. Maybe it’s the closet pyromaniac in me, but nothing beats a good campfire. Whether it be outdoors or, if you’re a little bit fancy, in a cosy cabin with good company and a favourite drink.
Here are three ideas for easy to access spots for a weekend away, all within a few hours drive from Tamworth NSW.

Warrabah National Park

Warrabah is a very popular spot in the warmer months, for fishing, camping, swimming, canoeing and wildlife and birdwatching. 

The colder months will see the crowds die down, and while it may be a tad cold to get in the water, it is such a beautiful spot that it really doesn’t matter. 

There are large grassy camping areas with tables, fire pits and toilets at the Warrabah Campground and Picnic Area. If you have a four wheel drive, you can venture on further up the hill to Gum Hole Campground and Picnic Area, for more secluded camping spots near the water. 

If tents aren’t your thing, you can book the self-contained Muluerindie Cabin. Bookings can be made through the NSW National Parks website.

New England National Park

Accessed by following the Waterfall Way from Armidale towards Ebor, New England National Park is an incredibly special place, featuring world heritage rainforests, amazing wildlife and unforgiving volcanic landscape.

The rainforests in the park are part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area, linking us today to an ancient pre-human world. 

You’ll find many walking trails, from the easy 20-minute Point Lookout Walking track, to the challenging 3-day New England Wilderness Walk.

Point Lookout is just a short walk from the carpark, and is considered one of the most spectacular views in the country, especially at sunrise. On a clear day, you’ll look over rainforest to the ocean in the distance.

Animals including the Spotted-Tail / Tiger Quoll can be found in the Park, along with Kangaroos, Wallabies, Gliders and Lyrebirds.

Camping is available at Thungutti Campground, or if you’d prefer a cabin, Tom’s Cabin, The Residence or The Chalet are available for booking.

Oxley Wild Rivers National Park

Oxley Wild Rivers is located near Armidale and Walcha and as the name suggests, features some truly wild country with deep gorges, cliffs, rivers and waterfalls.

Temperatures do drop below zero, so rug up if you’re thinking of heading there during the colder months. 

Also part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area, Oxley Wild Rivers National Park contains areas of dry rainforest, and wildlife including the endangered Rock Wallaby, Wedge-Tailed Eagles and Peregrine Falcons.

Apsley Falls Campground is accessed by road and found easily by following the Oxley Highway from Walcha towards Port Macquarie. 

There are well maintained campsites, fire pits, tables and even flushing toilets! The campsites closest to the gorge provide unbelievable views.

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